This colorful card comes from the Hlane Royal National Park, in NE Swaziland.  It shows a variety of birds, including the Purple Tauraco, Storks feeding and other savannah species such as the Hoopoe.


Amazing view of Greater Flamingos reflected in shallow water off the coast of Sardinia

PAPUA New Guinea

This awesome cultural view shows the shield and bow of highland tribesmen in Papua New Guinea.  It was franked with a stamp showing the Crocodile Skink, a local lizard.


This lovely card shows a crowned crane in Akagera National Park, which protects savannah wildlife in Rwanda.  It was franked by a stamp showing an artisan weaving a basket


This lovely card was sent by Sylvie, who visited Qatar. The image shows two camels and riders passing the Zubara Fort, built in 1938 and in use until about 1980.


Two cards showing views of C.A.R. such as Boali Falls, and a Leopard resting in a tree. The top card shows both the national flag, and a small inset map of this vast land-locked country. The strip of stamps shown was a biodiversity issue, showing man at the center of an African ecosystem.

ST. MARTIN / St. Maarten

This lovely card shows a view of tropical flora and a hummingbird, from the island of St. Martin, which is printing its own stamps since 2010.


This lovely landscape card shows a train of camels against a backdrop of some of the stark mountainous scenery of the interior of Niger, which is landlocked, with an arid Sahelian-Saharan climate.


This lovely card shows the rare and endemic Mikado Pheasant, found only on the island of Taiwan. I was delighted to see also the stamp affixed, showing a more widespread species, the White-headed Thrush


This stunning landscape comes from the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and shows the stark natural beauty of this remote region


This stunning card shows a view of Sapoaga Falls on the island of Upolu, and the lush forest that is typical of the island's interior. The card was franked with a stunning array of lovely stamps, showing Samoa's flora and marine life.


This lovely card shows typical colonial architecture in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay