This lovely card was posted in 2016 and shows a procession of islanders in typical dress.  The population of this French territory in the Indian Ocean is mainly Muslim, and broke away from the Republic of Comoros at independence.


This colorful card comes from the Hlane Royal National Park, in NE Swaziland.  It shows a variety of birds, including the Purple Tauraco, Storks feeding and other savannah species such as the Hoopoe.


Amazing view of Greater Flamingos reflected in shallow water off the coast of Sardinia

PAPUA New Guinea

This awesome cultural view shows the shield and bow of highland tribesmen in Papua New Guinea.  It was franked with a stamp showing the Crocodile Skink, a local lizard.


This lovely card shows a crowned crane in Akagera National Park, which protects savannah wildlife in Rwanda.  It was franked by a stamp showing an artisan weaving a basket