This spectacular scene shows the confluence of the Ntema nd Nye Rivers from Bikondom, in Gabon's Woleu-Ntem Province.

Gabon: provincial stamp

Pana District coat of arms on a 1998 stamp issue, posted from Libreville, the capital city


Despite years of warfare, Sudan's vast territory still holds a diversity of habitats and wildlife, esp. in the southern and eastern regions

Sudan: stamps and Gedaret town cancel

Stamps on card with town cancel from Gedaret, Sudan

Zambia: Leopard

A tree-bound Leopard in one of Zambia's vast national parks

Zambia: Festival - Arts stamp

Zambia: Lilombola Dance shown on stamp issued for the
2nd Black Festival of Arts and Culture


Desert palms in this gulf state

Qatar: stamp

A beautiful oversized stamp valued at 1 riyal graced this postcard, showing ancient coins