This lovely wildlife card came to me from a friend in Cape Town and shows some of the large mammals characteristic of the South African veld and savannah regions, including lions, black rhino, elephants and a cheetah.

South Africa: stamp

This fascinating stamp traces modern human ancestors from African hominid remains, underscoring Africa as the origin of early relatives of Homo sapiens.


This lovely card came to me recently and shows the varied inland, coastal and historical features of Turkey. A treasure to receive such a wonderful card!


This lovely landscape image shows the green hills of upland tea plantations in Bogawantalawa. Tea is one of Sri Lanka's chief crops, earning the nickname "liquid gold."

Sri Lanka: stamp

R5: this lovely festive stamp came with the card above and celebrates Christmas traditions


This lovely greeting postcard arrived from Paramaribo, the capital of the small tropical country of Surinam. It shows festive holiday gatherings and local costumes, in front of some of the city's notable civic buildings.

Surinam: stamps

These amazing stamps came affixed to the card above, and show a blue parrotlet and two local insects, all native to the country's vast rainforests


This card shows a typical boat used to ply the shallow waters of the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls, amidst the mist of the plunge. This is an excellent way to view hippos, Sacred Ibis and many other wild species that inhabit the national park around the falls.

Zimbabwe: stamp

$100,000. This is an inflation-era stamp that adorned the card above, and shows the Nyala, one of the largest and most regal of the region's antelope species