This lovely card shows the white sands of the coast of Barbados, the easternmost of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean


This springtime coastal scene shows the scenery and foliage typical of Djupivogur, a town of just 350 located in the east of Iceland


Kr. 105: this lovely bird stamp shows the starling, a widespread and gregarious species


This lovely card came this week from Yamoussoukro, Ivory Coast. It shows the historical architecture of the seaside town of Grand Bassam, once a thriving port.

Cote d'Ivoire: orchid stamps

This lovely pair of orchid stamps came affixed to the card above, with a clear postmark in Yamoussoukro


This stunning scene shows the coastline of the Isle of Pines, located SE of the central island of New Caledonia, as can be seen on the map below

New Caledonia: stamp

In case you think the scene above is idyllic, this shark stamp shows that there are still perils in paradise...


This card shows the location of the islands of the New Caledonia chain, an overseas territory of France


This dramatic card shows a plume of ash from Mt. Popocatepetl in the central highlands of Mexico; this peak was revered by the Aztecs for its periodic volcanic activity and dominance over the landscape


This magnificent scene shows a view of Mt. Kinabalu in the state of Sabah, Borneo. At 4,095 meters, this is the highest peak between the Himalayas and New Guinea, and is a renowned center of biodiversity.


This lovely wildlife card came to me from a friend in Cape Town and shows some of the large mammals characteristic of the South African veld and savannah regions, including lions, black rhino, elephants and a cheetah.

South Africa: stamp

This fascinating stamp traces modern human ancestors from African hominid remains, underscoring Africa as the origin of early relatives of Homo sapiens.


This lovely card came to me recently and shows the varied inland, coastal and historical features of Turkey. A treasure to receive such a wonderful card!


This lovely landscape image shows the green hills of upland tea plantations in Bogawantalawa. Tea is one of Sri Lanka's chief crops, earning the nickname "liquid gold."

Sri Lanka: stamp

R5: this lovely festive stamp came with the card above and celebrates Christmas traditions


This lovely greeting postcard arrived from Paramaribo, the capital of the small tropical country of Surinam. It shows festive holiday gatherings and local costumes, in front of some of the city's notable civic buildings.

Surinam: stamps

These amazing stamps came affixed to the card above, and show a blue parrotlet and two local insects, all native to the country's vast rainforests


This card shows a typical boat used to ply the shallow waters of the Zambezi River near Victoria Falls, amidst the mist of the plunge. This is an excellent way to view hippos, Sacred Ibis and many other wild species that inhabit the national park around the falls.

Zimbabwe: stamp

$100,000. This is an inflation-era stamp that adorned the card above, and shows the Nyala, one of the largest and most regal of the region's antelope species


This exquisite card shows the Temple in the Sea, a Hindu site in W. Trinidad, near the town of Waterloo. It is built on reclaimed land in a shallow coastal area.

Trinidad: stamp

These lovely hummingbird stamps adorned the card above. Trinidad's original Amerindian name means "land of the hummingbird."


This is a truly stunning scene, showing the Sun-Moon Lake in Youchi, Nantou, Taiwan. This region is one of the national scenic areas of the island, and is home to the Thao ethnic group. The tiny island of Lalu is located within this lake.

Taiwan: flora stamp

$12 this lovely flora stamp (showing Tabebuia spp.) came affixed to the card above, thanks to a private swap with Frank


This dramatic landscape card came to me this week, and shows flowering trees against green fields ringed by mountains in the distance. Uzbekistan has a variety of different land types, from arid desert to temperate forests.


The Tijuca Forest covers 32 km sq. in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and is a sanctuary for remnant wildlife that were once widespread in the country's Atlantic Forest.

Brazil: Tanager stamp

R2: this lovely stamp was affixed to the card above and shows the comically named Burnished-Buff Tanager, a widespread species in South American forests.


This colorful card shows a hummingbird feeding in one of Costa Rica's national parks. As part of the land bridge between N. and S. America, the countries of Central America show a great diversity of species of flora and fauna.


This incredible card shows a seasonal migration route used by elephants during the rains flooding their savannah habitat; the scope and colors of the photograph convey the wilderness of rural Africa

Kenya: flower stamps

20 Sh: this pair of stamps came with the card above, and show Pyrethrum flowers, an export crop grown in Kenya


This multi-view card shows coastal, cultural, port and interior views of island attractions, and is a nice addition from a country I see few cards from


The British Virgin Is. lie to the east of the U.S. Virgins and are still a British crown territory, though they use the U.S. dollar as currency. This lovely card shows a beach and boulders on the largest island, Tortola.

Br. Virgin Islands: stamp

15c: this nice stamp franked the postcard above, and shows an inter-island Air BVI plane


This amazing card shows three species of Hornbills (family: Bucerotidae) native to SE Asia, that can be found in Malaysia's forest reserves and parks.


This sweeping view shows Bhaktapur, in the east Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This city was an ancient capital of Nepal in the 15th century and is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

TAHITI, Fr. Polynesia

Coconut palms lean out into a sweeping seascape, with the green cliffs of Polynesia in the far distance.


This lovely card shows mist hanging over the Valley of Mae Hong Son and its fertile trees and fields, showing the character of the countryside


Now this card shows a true image of my recollections of Western Uganda: green, often terraced hills, planted with a variety of crops and tended by prosperous villagers, the landscape is multi-hued, fertile and often shrouded in clouds

Uganda: bird stamps

These stamps arrived on the card above and show the Didric Cuckoo, a brightly colored green-and-yellow species with a widespread range in the African Savannah


This card shows some of the fantastic modern architecture that this emirate is known for. The city's skyline has rapidly expanded and changed in recent years, with new marvels appearing by daring and innovative architects.

UAE: stamps

These stamps franked the card above, and celebrate falconry, a traditional activity in the UAE


This spectacular scene shows a view from Pokhara of jagged Mt. Macchapucchare 6993 meters in height, with its abrupt rise from the surrounding landscape

Nepal: stamp

This lovely stamp shows the snow peaks of Mt. Annapurna in the Himalayas, and was issued in 2000 to celebrate the ascent of this high peak


This gorgeous card shows canoes and villagers on the bank of a wide stretch of the Upper Surinam River, with the area's famed lowland rain forest visible on the opposite bank


This dreamscape shows early clouds over the central mountains of Taiwan creating a poetic and beautiful scene

Taiwan: bird

This lovely bird stamp came affixed to the card above, and shows a native rail or White-breasted Waterhen, a widespread species in S. and SE Asia


This delightful card shows young horse riders speeding across the treeless and slightly forbidding plains of Mongolia

Mongolia: stamps

these colorful Mongol Post stamps came affixed to the card above, and show modern car designs


The far peak of the famed dormant volcano Kilimanjaro is visible from the Kenyan side of the border, though it lies across the border in Tanzania. At 5,895 meters / 19,300 feet, it is the highest peak on the African continent.

Kenya: butterflies

These stamps were affixed to the card above, and show several species of indigenous butterflies of Kenya


A small sea turtle hatchling is pictured on this lovely postcard from the Cayman Islands, reknowned for its marine life and reefs