This incredible card shows a seasonal migration route used by elephants during the rains flooding their savannah habitat; the scope and colors of the photograph convey the wilderness of rural Africa

Kenya: flower stamps

20 Sh: this pair of stamps came with the card above, and show Pyrethrum flowers, an export crop grown in Kenya


This multi-view card shows coastal, cultural, port and interior views of island attractions, and is a nice addition from a country I see few cards from


The British Virgin Is. lie to the east of the U.S. Virgins and are still a British crown territory, though they use the U.S. dollar as currency. This lovely card shows a beach and boulders on the largest island, Tortola.

Br. Virgin Islands: stamp

15c: this nice stamp franked the postcard above, and shows an inter-island Air BVI plane


This amazing card shows three species of Hornbills (family: Bucerotidae) native to SE Asia, that can be found in Malaysia's forest reserves and parks.


This sweeping view shows Bhaktapur, in the east Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. This city was an ancient capital of Nepal in the 15th century and is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

TAHITI, Fr. Polynesia

Coconut palms lean out into a sweeping seascape, with the green cliffs of Polynesia in the far distance.


This lovely card shows mist hanging over the Valley of Mae Hong Son and its fertile trees and fields, showing the character of the countryside