This lovely card came to me from Keetmanshoop, Namibia, and shows a grove of Quiver trees, typical for the region, and known as Kocherbaum in afrikaans.


This card is from a very special place, San Juan del Sur, a fishing village in SW Nicaragua not far from the border with Costa Rica. This is one of the most charming and memorable (for me) places in the "land of lakes and volcanoes"...


A lovely card showing the traditional elegance of wat architecture arrived from Scott, who travels to Thailand frequently


This card shows Howick Falls, in Kwa-Zulu-Natal Province. This waterfall is 310 feet in height and occurs on the Umgeni River. The lovely stamp below was affixed to the card, and shows a sunbird feeding on nectar.


The Galapagos are famed for their birdlife and the role they played in establishing the theory of evoluation after Darwin's visit. Seen here is a seabird colony, with a Red-billed Tropicbird prominent in flight.


This lovely card was posted from the coast of E. Egypt, and shows a variety of spectacular marine life typical of the Red Sea reefs


This landscape card shows the green, mountainous region where the Swazi capital, Mbabane is located. I especially enjoyed the stamp, which shows a White Rhinoceros, a species that can still be found in the reserves of southern Africa.


This multiview shows varied scenes of Senegal, including the Corniche in Dakar (upper left), the grand Mosque, and my favorit: a rural river and village scene, most likely in Casamance


These wonderful cards show Bali and W. Java with a wonderful stamp


Two cards arrived this week showing views of Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco with over 3 million residents. Made famous in a 1942 wartime movie, the area has ancient roots, with settlement dating from the 7th century BC.

Ile de la REUNION

This postcard simply transported me when I received it: to the lush hills of the Cirque de Salazie, on the Indian Ocean isle of Reunion. This area is a dormant volcanic caldera in the central Piton des Neiges area, which includes the highest elevations on the island.


This lovely card shows a coastal scene on Mustique, one of the small islands known as the Grenadines, south of St. Vincent. This island covers just 2.2 sq miles and a population of about 500 in three villages. The scenic island is known for its reefs and birdlife.


This intriguing card shows a colony of African Penguins in the Boulder Park of the Cape Coast of South Africa, a unique attraction of this stunning coastal region


A local Cook Islander is shown here in ceremonial costume and shell beads. These Polynesian islands are scattered across a vast territory, and form an autonomous territory of New Zealand.
80c: this card was franked with a colorful reef fish stamp showing the Squirrel fish


This card shows a typical scene in the forested interior of Gabon: villagers crossing a river by "bac" or improvised ferry. Transport is treacherous in the humid, lush conditions of the forested interior, where roads turn into seasonal rivers of mud.


This amazing card came to me just last month from a Post Crosser in HK, and shows a colorful local festival in this autonomous region of PR China. The stamp is also intriguing and illustrates a local proverb: water drops wear away rocks.


This lovely card shows typical sights and modes of transport in the Isle of Man, including a Manx cat! At the upper left is the emblematic Castle of Peel. The stamps affixed to the card show local costumes and a railway train.


This lush landscape shows the Guyana Botanical Gardens in Georgetown, a place I have had the pleasure of visiting some years ago. It has massive trees such as Annato and many palms, which line canals bursting with lotus and water lilies. The white spots amid the foliage show egret roosts, and these lovely birds are every-present in Guyana.


This lovely card arrived to me from Oman, showing the coastal area of Qantab. A label with the Omani flag is at the upper left. A long stamp was affixed showing the Muscat Opera House and cultural center.


This card shows a view of the striking landscape and flora near Mahajanga, capital of the Boeny province in NW Madagascar. Much of the flora and wildlife of the island is endemic, making Madagascar a well-known destination for ecotourism. Mahajanga is a seaport at the mouth of the Betsiboka River, and has a sizable muslim community.

Madagascar: stamp

350fr: this stamp franked the card above, and celebrates the anniv. of the Malagasy socialist revolution of 1975


This lovely card shows the serene, low-lying isles of the Maldives, surrounded by a magnificent clear blue sea, alluring for snorkelers and scuba divers eager to view the diverse coral reefs below the waters.

Maldives: stamp

R2: the card above was franked with this colorful stamp featuring Windsurfing, a popular holiday sport of tourists visiting the islands of this atoll nation


This card shows a gentle family of mountain gorillas, native to the forests of the Virungas highlands on the borders of Rwanda, Congo and Uganda. The study of this endangered primate was made famous by Dian Fossey, who established a camp at Karisoke, within the Parc des Volcans. Now gorilla tourism is a major local activity in the parks of the region, showing the benefits of wildlife conservation.


This lovely card shows the sweeping view from Casse Dent, a hill on Mahe, the largest island of the Seychelles. Just 155 sq. km. in size, Mahe holds the capital, Victoria and some 90% of the country's population.

Seychelles: stamp

R3: A beautiful coastal scene is the subject of this stamp issue, ironically issued to commemorate a conference regarding oil exploration in the Indian Ocean


The rugged coastline of St. Lucia, with its multiples beaches of white sand has become a treasured Caribbean destination. The island's history was tumultuous: Britian and France battled for centuries for control of the island, before Britian asserted dominance after 1814.


Surinam is richly endowed with pristine rainforests, and has an amazingly array of biodiversity: over 4,000 plants species and more than 600 bird species have been documented there. Its riverbanks are particularly sought after by tourists for the huge variety of butterflies that can be observed there.


This lovely card shows a group of Sable Antelope, one of the tallest species of savannah antelopes noted for its ringed horns, which spiral backward. The Sable ranges in groups of up to 30 in eastern and south-central Africa, and is a scarce species that is being reduced in numbers by habitat conversion for agriculture.


This lovely card came to me last month from a friend who visited the highlands of Sri Lanka. It shows flora and butterfly diversity typical of this tropical island, with an inset with the country's national flag.


This colorful card shows the nightime lights and activity in Ho Chi Minh City (previously known as Saigon), one of the most dynamic urban centers of SE Asia.

Vietnam: stamp

1000d: this intriguing 2005 stamp came with the card above and shows a historical political event with crowds holding flags in a plaza


This amazing card shows some of the troglodyte homes of Matmata, Tunisia. Some accounts date these homes to ancient times, when the Roman empire sent Egyptian tribes to settle the region. Many myths have attempted to explain the origins of these cavelike dwellings, and some maintain that they allowed residents to hide from invaders, or to desert the shelters at night to attack invaders.


This amazing card shows an early scene of tribal riders in one of Afghanistan's 33 provinces, showing traditional dress and gear

Afghan stamp

This stamp franked the card above, and shows a military vehicle on parade in Kabul


This spectacular sight is one that I have actually visited some years ago, and shows the breathtaking Iguazu falls, set amidst lush forest on the Argentine-Brazil border

Argentina: stamp

75c: this cultural stamp came affixed to the card above and show traditional costumes of two tango dancers


This lovely card comes from the vast Kalahari region, which covers much of Botswana. The region is really a semi-desert, as occasional rains turn huge tracts of land into prime grazing areas, and the Kalahari supports a diversity of animal and plant species, much more than "true deserts."

Botswana: art stamp

This intriguing local art stamp came with the card above, and shows a stylized snake coiled up against a red earth color