REP. of GUINEA / Guinee-Conakry

This lovely card shows a rural road near Kissidougou, in central Guinea (the recent Ebola epidemic began not far from here). This card was franked with a lovely stamp showing women transporting traditional baskets


This lovely card was sent by Denise, and shows the "parted rocks" of Bourail, at sunset. Simply stunning! This prepaid card sports pre-affixed postage, and was cancelled in Noumea, the capital.


This lovely card shows a scene on the Niger River, lifeline to a number of W. African countries as it flows toward the delta in the Gulf of Guinea. Niger's capital, Niamey, grew along this vital waterway in an otherwise dry nation.

KOSRAE, Micronesia

This lovely scenic card shows the coastline and reef of Kosrae, one of four island groups in the Federated States of Micronesia. The card was franked with a lovely stamp showing a typical island beauty

Rep. of CONGO

This traditional river scene was hand painted on a thick card and makes for one of the most original and stunning African cards I have acquired.


This gorgeous aerial view shows the Fijian, a seaside resort located on the small private island of Yanuca. The card came franked with a stamp showing the Many-Coloured Fruit Dove, with a town cancel from Nadi.


Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving this very nice photo-card taken by Rolf on the slopes of the active volcanic peak of Mt. Cameroon; the card was franked by a stamp showing the international symbol of AIDS awareness


This colorful card was posted by a friend in Ghana, and shows a typical rural scene, with vendors selling fresh produce at a local market. This card was franked by a small stamp showing local fruit, and a commemorative issue celebrating the Universal Postal Union


This lovely card shows an Albatross and chick at the nest, one of many seabird species that nest and feed in the Falkland Islands. The card was franked with two lovely stamps, showing penguins and a colorful fungi species.


This fantastic card comes from Gibraltar, one of the oldest British outposts, located strategically at the edge of Europe and just a few miles from the N. African coast. It was franked with several interesting stamps, including a pair of Woodchat Shrikes from a 2008 definitive series showing birds.


This interesting card comes from Morocco, and shows a trail outlined on the country's map noting several main cities and tourist centers. Gorgeous views show two historical sites preserved as cultural heritage.


This great card comes from Surinam in S. America, and shows the stunning Blue-gray Tanager, a common resident of gardens and open areas in Latin America. Those that have seen it will agree with me that its color is an otherworldly, indescribably shade of cerulean blue...


This tropical card shows scenery and the coastline of the isle of St. Maarten, whose administration is divided between Netherlands and France. It was franked by a lovely hummingbird stamp from the Neth. Antilles.


This cultural scene shows traditional Basotho riders of Lesotho, and was sent by my friend Julius in Maseru. The card was franked with a very nice stamp depicting the coronation anniversary of King Letsie


This great card shows the male and female of an endemic Caribbean species, the Antillean Crested Hummingbird. The card was franked with two stunning stamps, one showing a regatta in the 1984 Olympics and the other depicting the Large Iguana.


A great card to start 2014! Showing a herd of savannah elephants in Chobe National Park, one of the jewels of wild Botswana and a center for ecotourism.