This card shows the Jabiru, a tall (4-5 ft.) Stork found from S. Mexico to Argentina in swamps and flooded plains.

Belize: turtle stamp

30c this stamp shows the Hawksbill sea turtle, a denizen of Caribbean seas that nests on shores throughout the region


This wildlife image came as my first card posted from Burundi, and shows a bull elephant and a flock of crowned cranes. Burundi is a densely-populated and landlocked country with few parks or nature reserves. It shares Lake Tanganyika with neighboring Tanzania and Dem. Rep. of the Congo.

BURUNDI: stamps

These stamps were franked on the card above and depict fungi as well as the UN's 50th anniv.


I received a spectacular card last month from a trading friend in Brunei. The aerial view shows the sultan's palace and part of town in the distance. This small enclave is a Muslim country, surrounded by Malaysia on the northern coast of the island of Borneo.