This modern scene shows a view of the Plateau sector, Abidjan, which until very recently was one of the most bustling centers of commerce in West Africa

Ivory Coast: stamps

Ivorian coat of arms and its longtime ruler, Pres. Houphouet-Boigny are shown on these stamps, affixed to the card above


The modern and the colonial are pictured here on a card showing the cathedral and the central bank of Managua, a city devastated by the great earthquake of December 1972

Nicaragua: stamp

This lovely stamp shows a scene from the end of Apartheid on a stamp showing great achievements of the 20th century; it came affixed to the card above


This lovely card shows buddhist statues within a cave temple, but did not list the exact location within Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka: bird stamp

This stamp franked the card above, and shows a Sri Lankan Mynah, one of over 400 species of birds found in Sri Lanka.

MOOREA (Fr. Polynesia)

Moorea, part of French Polynesia, has an area of just 52 square miles, but has rugged peaks and a fringing atoll, making it a popular destination

Fr. Polynesia: stamp

140fr: the year of the rabbit is the theme of this 2011 French Polynesian stamp, which franked the card above


Macau, now part of China, is known as a banking and casino center. This card shows one of the largest hotels, the "Lisboa" amidst the cityscape

MACAU: stamp

This stamp franked the card above, my first from the former Portuguese colony of Macau


This spectacular card show the golden waters of the Carrao River, with a tepui plateau in the background, typical of the Gran Sabana region of Bolivar state


This amazing card shows not only the big five (largest) game mammals of S. Africa in full colors of their habitats but also several other such as the springbok, vervet monkey and a pride of cheetahs (lower right)


The lovely card above was sent by Diane in Luxembourg, with this fabulous 2010 stamp depicting camping. I often enjoy cards mysteriously sent from other locations, such as this one.


This card shows a very typical scene in rural areas of the Congo, with an overcrowded bus transporting people amidst a lush landscape of baobabs and other vegetation


This coastal scene shows the beach and lighthouse at Cap Esterias, a short distance from the capital, Libreville. Straddling the equator, Gabon's shores have relatively calm seas and constant temperatures.


This stunning card shows Surinam's flooded forest habitat and some of the wildlife found there. An aracari toucan and squirrel monkeys are shown at left, while a woodpecker and piranhas can be seen on the right. Harder to see is the national flag and coat of arms up top.

Surinam: hummingbird stamps

S$0.50 A pair of White-necked Jacobin Hummingbirds franked the card above. This species is widespread in tropical S. America as far south as Bolivia


A coastal, sunset view from Mauritius, entitled with the island's French name "Ile Maurice"

Mauritius: le Morne

This 2 rupee stamp franked the card above, and shows the Morne, one of the island's loveliest landmarks


This stunning card shows a view of the lush interior of the rugged French Caribbean isle of Martinique


This card is one of the few I have seen from Laos, a remote and rugged kingdom in SE Asia. It shows a local elephant being harnessed for transport.


This colorful card shows a traditional Zulu "kraal" or community compound in rural South Africa

Namibia: stamps

The card above was sent from Namibia, and adorned with these amazing stamps, showing women's traditional dress of two cultures: the Mbukushu and Herero


This card is a wide-angle view of the famous Ngorongoro Crater, part of the savannah national parks of Tanzania and home to vast numbers of ungulates and other wildlife

Tanzania: stamp

This stamp franked the card above, and shows a local view of Msewe dancers, from the island of Pemba


This is the only card I have ever received from the island of Saba, a Dutch West Indies territory with a population of just 2,000. The card shows scenes in the main town, curiously called the Bottom.

Saba: stamp

This stamp franked the card above and was cancelled in Windward side, Saba


The Arzew lighthouse and its evocative tiny island was sent by Ouari last month, and is one of the very few cards I have from Algeria.


30: this lovely stamp was affixed to the card below, and shows an ornately decorated Targui leather chest