This great card shows a group of herders near the riverbank with elephants in the background!  Dynamite images from an ancient culture.  The stamps depict river transport and a traditional staff.


Wow, a rare postcard from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan!  The card shows the Phunakha Dzong, from the district of the Phunakha, former capital of the kingdom (since 1955 the capital is in Thimphu).  The card was franked with a delightful stamp showing a fierce mythical lion.

Dem. Rep. of CONGO

This amazing card was posted to me from Goma, at the foothills of the Virungas Mtns, home to one of the last populations of Mountain Gorillas.  The card was franked with no less than nine stamps, including overprints.  A rare gem from a very remote place!


This lovely map card shows the islands of Bermuda, posted earlier this year, with two interesting stamps showing flora and local handcrafts


 Wow!  This lovely card shows the green, mountainous contours of Rarotonga, with its fringing reef and clear blue lagoon.  The island is home to just 14,000 people, and is a dependency of NZ.  The card's stamps show a WWF issue with the Pacific Kingfisher, and a tourism issue featuring dining.