This card shows three scenes showing the celebrated peach blossom season in the highlands of Lesotho. For a short time in the austral spring, these colorful flowering trees light up paths, kraals and dot the landscape of this mountainous kingdom.

Lesotho flora stamps

these lovely stamps show flowering plants, from Lesotho's current definitive series. Julius sent this card from Lesotho recently, which I was delighted to receive.


This lovely island scene shows the sweeping view down from the hills of the Nevis golf course. I don't think I could keep my eye on the game with such amazing scenery as that!

Nevis: stamp

80c: a pineapple stamp added some color to this card from this small and exotic West Indian isle


A Rufous-tailed Jacamar is pictured on this card, and is one of the more visible forest edge species that can easily be seen in Trinidad's lush parks and hills


This recent card features the Jibreen Fort of Bahla, in Nizwa, Oman. The light-filled scene hints of battles past in this fascinating country on the eastern Arabian peninsula

Oman: fortress stamp

As if the card above was not spectacular enough, this stamp came affixed, and is a stunning view of the Khasab Castle and surrounding landscape, showing the mystery and beauty of Oman


This lovely card shows the Kinguele Falls, on the Mbei River deep in the forested interior of Gabon, near the town of Kango. The upper falls drop some 35 meters in a triple cascade, while the lower falls drop 45 meters.


This lovely card shows the Momotombo Volcano, one of a chain of active volcanoes centered on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua

Nicaragua: soccer stamp

C10.00 this stamp features a soccer player, though most in this country are generally more fond of baseball


This magnificent card features the marine diversity of the Maldives, one of the loveliest atolls in the Indian Ocean. Tourism is a key activity in these islands, fuelled by its stunning beaches and reefs.