This lovely card was sent by Sylvie, who visited Qatar. The image shows two camels and riders passing the Zubara Fort, built in 1938 and in use until about 1980.


Two cards showing views of C.A.R. such as Boali Falls, and a Leopard resting in a tree. The top card shows both the national flag, and a small inset map of this vast land-locked country. The strip of stamps shown was a biodiversity issue, showing man at the center of an African ecosystem.

ST. MARTIN / St. Maarten

This lovely card shows a view of tropical flora and a hummingbird, from the island of St. Martin, which is printing its own stamps since 2010.


This lovely landscape card shows a train of camels against a backdrop of some of the stark mountainous scenery of the interior of Niger, which is landlocked, with an arid Sahelian-Saharan climate.


This lovely card shows the rare and endemic Mikado Pheasant, found only on the island of Taiwan. I was delighted to see also the stamp affixed, showing a more widespread species, the White-headed Thrush


This stunning landscape comes from the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, and shows the stark natural beauty of this remote region


This stunning card shows a view of Sapoaga Falls on the island of Upolu, and the lush forest that is typical of the island's interior. The card was franked with a stunning array of lovely stamps, showing Samoa's flora and marine life.


This lovely card shows typical colonial architecture in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay


This lovely card shows a traditional creole house built in the colonial style, from the Regent quarter of Sierra Leone's capital, perched on hills above the main city center of Freetown. It was franked with several stamps from a birds definitive series.


This colorful card shows the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore, and some of the lovely species that can be seen there. An awesome stamp depicting a peacock pheasant was affixed to the card!


This great card shows boys scaling palm trees to harvest the fruit; the card was franked with stamps showing an antelope and depicting the Dakar Rally, an annual motocross competition


Wow! This amazing cultural card comes from Vanuatu, an shows amazing scenes of islanders, artifacts and flowers


This amazing card comes from a pal in Road Town, and shows Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke, one of the smaller islands in the Br. Virgins. The stunning stamp features the Antillean Crested Hummingbird.


This colorful card shows the flag of Ghana with a woman in traditional dress sewn with an intricate kente pattern. The term Akwaaba means "welcome" in Akan, a local language.


This lovely card comes from a friend visiting the "Spice Island" of Grenada, in the Lesser Antilles. A major producer of nutmeg and other spices, the island has gorgeous scenery and secluded beaches, an escape from more popular neighboring islands.


This awesome card shows an assembly of Masai warriors in traditional costume. The card was franked by a stamp promoting Women's development.


This picturesque card shows boys carrying bananas from a river pirogue to a village in rural Cameroon


This lovely card shows a typical landscape view of one of the many volcanoes that dominate the horizon of El Salvador. The card was franked with a stamp showing shipping, important for transporting the country's coffee, a key export commodity.


This card shows a very typical view of the Rock profile rising from the vast blue horizon of the Mediterranean.


This amazing card shows a herd of Lechwe antelope in the Kafue National Park, a vast wilderness in W. Zambia. In rare happenstance the stamp also bears a Lechwe!


Two lovely cards from Montserrat, a British Territory in the Caribbean known for its volcanic eruptions; at right is the red flowering Plumeria or Frangipani. The card below shows Plymouth, the main town and administrative center. The top card was franked with two spectacular stamps showing local flowering trees.


This card is one of my favorites from a long time of collecting local birds on postcards, and shows the colorful Atlantic Puffin before gobbling a full batch of small fish


This lovely multiview card arrived this week from Seychelles, showing a tortoise, local views and scenes, including the carnivorous pitcher plant. The stamps included one depicting a local fruit bat.