Surinam is richly endowed with pristine rainforests, and has an amazingly array of biodiversity: over 4,000 plants species and more than 600 bird species have been documented there. Its riverbanks are particularly sought after by tourists for the huge variety of butterflies that can be observed there.


This lovely card shows a group of Sable Antelope, one of the tallest species of savannah antelopes noted for its ringed horns, which spiral backward. The Sable ranges in groups of up to 30 in eastern and south-central Africa, and is a scarce species that is being reduced in numbers by habitat conversion for agriculture.


This lovely card came to me last month from a friend who visited the highlands of Sri Lanka. It shows flora and butterfly diversity typical of this tropical island, with an inset with the country's national flag.


This colorful card shows the nightime lights and activity in Ho Chi Minh City (previously known as Saigon), one of the most dynamic urban centers of SE Asia.

Vietnam: stamp

1000d: this intriguing 2005 stamp came with the card above and shows a historical political event with crowds holding flags in a plaza