This lush landscape shows the Guyana Botanical Gardens in Georgetown, a place I have had the pleasure of visiting some years ago. It has massive trees such as Annato and many palms, which line canals bursting with lotus and water lilies. The white spots amid the foliage show egret roosts, and these lovely birds are every-present in Guyana.


This lovely card arrived to me from Oman, showing the coastal area of Qantab. A label with the Omani flag is at the upper left. A long stamp was affixed showing the Muscat Opera House and cultural center.


This card shows a view of the striking landscape and flora near Mahajanga, capital of the Boeny province in NW Madagascar. Much of the flora and wildlife of the island is endemic, making Madagascar a well-known destination for ecotourism. Mahajanga is a seaport at the mouth of the Betsiboka River, and has a sizable muslim community.

Madagascar: stamp

350fr: this stamp franked the card above, and celebrates the anniv. of the Malagasy socialist revolution of 1975