This exquisite card shows the Temple in the Sea, a Hindu site in W. Trinidad, near the town of Waterloo. It is built on reclaimed land in a shallow coastal area.

Trinidad: stamp

These lovely hummingbird stamps adorned the card above. Trinidad's original Amerindian name means "land of the hummingbird."


This is a truly stunning scene, showing the Sun-Moon Lake in Youchi, Nantou, Taiwan. This region is one of the national scenic areas of the island, and is home to the Thao ethnic group. The tiny island of Lalu is located within this lake.

Taiwan: flora stamp

$12 this lovely flora stamp (showing Tabebuia spp.) came affixed to the card above, thanks to a private swap with Frank


This dramatic landscape card came to me this week, and shows flowering trees against green fields ringed by mountains in the distance. Uzbekistan has a variety of different land types, from arid desert to temperate forests.


The Tijuca Forest covers 32 km sq. in the state of Rio de Janeiro, and is a sanctuary for remnant wildlife that were once widespread in the country's Atlantic Forest.

Brazil: Tanager stamp

R2: this lovely stamp was affixed to the card above and shows the comically named Burnished-Buff Tanager, a widespread species in South American forests.


This colorful card shows a hummingbird feeding in one of Costa Rica's national parks. As part of the land bridge between N. and S. America, the countries of Central America show a great diversity of species of flora and fauna.