This amazing card came to me from a visitor to the island of Sao Miguel, in the Azores, and shows a forest waterfall and natural pool, one of the many attractions of this verdant Portuguese territory


This stunning card shows the Ra"og Lake in Nyingchi, Tibet. It was franked with two amazing stamps showing a songbird in a traditional landscape painting.


This amazing card makes my spirit soar, and shows varied landscapes and awesome views of the coastline of peninsular Malaysia


This stark landscape card shows the colors of the Namib Desert, a long and barren stretch extending some 1,200 miles along the Atlantic zones of Angola, Namibia and S. Africa. This card was franked with a leopard stamp, the international postcard rate from a wildlife definitive series.


This lovely card shows the San Juan islands, an archipelago lying between Washington State and Br. Columbia, Canada. Part of these lushly forested islands were designated a national monument by Pres. Obama in March, 2013


Wow, a great card from Salah, showing Lake Assal in Djibouti. This lake is reputedly the largest salt deposit on earth, lying below sea level and surrounded by kilometers of salt flats. Fascinating!


This is my first card from the Marshall Is., a former U.S. territory in the Pacific, whose capital is Majuro. This island nation is composed of 24 low-lying coral atolls spread out over a wide area, and its population is only 68,000.

CONGO Rep. (Brazzaville)

This wild card came in from the Congo this week and shows a leopard in a tree, surveying the forest. This card was franked with multiple stamps, including issues showing World Cup soccer and the Pan-African Postal Union.


This lovely local coastal scene came to me from a visitor to the Bahamas, a low-lying Caribbean country. It was franked with a flora definitive showing the "poor man's orchid".


This card comes from the Bolivian Andes, and shows local fauna such as the llama (upper image) and the vicuna (lower) which are important work animals for local agriculture


This great fauna card comes from Cameroon and shows a western lowland gorilla munching on fresh shoots


This colorful card shows a Keel-billed Toucan, found in lowland forests across Central America. The Guatemalan flag us inset at top.


This colorful card shows two fishermen in a pirogue off the coast of Gabon. Fishing is an important economic opportunity as Gabon has an extensive coastline.


This lovely card comes from a friend on vacation in SE Asia, and shows the ruins of Champasak, an ancient kingdom on the west bank of the Mekong River, which was united with Laos in 1945 under French rule.


This incredible card was sent by a friend in Medan, and shows Laka Toba, a significant crater lake on the island of Sumatra. The stamps are gorgeous, and show the Cuscus, an arboreal marsupial, and the flowering tree Kandelia spp.


A lovely evening profile of Antigua's coastline is shown in this amazing card. Independent only since 1981, this island is part of a union with neighboring Barbuda.

TUNISIA / Tunisie

This lovely card comes from the seaside town of Hammamet, located on Cap Bon, Nabeul. With its famed beaches and jasmine, Hammamet is well-visited by tourists and Tunisians alike who enjoy their holidays in resorts along the coast.

Rarotonga (COOK Is.)

This awesome card shows one of the lush high peaks on Rarotonga, Te Rua Manga, soaring to 413 meters above sea level. A very colorful air balloon stamp celebrates manned flight.

IVORY COAST / Cote d'Ivoire

This lovely card shows the Medy dancer group sporting traditional strings, headdresses and ornaments


This lovely card shows Kosi Bay, in the region of Maputoland, eastern kwaZulu-Natal province.


This lovely card shows two of the 800 islands of the Maldives, as well as the traditional boats and pirogues that are used for inter-island transport; the card was franked with a floral stamp showing a rose


This card comes from the Pacific coast of Panama,and shows a fishing village. Part of Colombia until 1903, Panama became independent with help from the U.S. The canal was finished in 1914, and shipping has been a mainstay of the economy, alongside banking.


This amazing card show a caravan of dromedary camels in the Sahara beyond the capital, Nouakchott. The domestication of this species by humans several thousand years ago is widely thought to have allowed expansion of human settlements into desert areas otherwise too forbidding.


This stunning card shows the Siete Tazas National Park in the Maule region of Chile. This pristine area is known for its series of cascading waterfalls, and its forests are home to a population of rare Burrowing Parrots.


Here is a stunning card of part of the Angkor (Khmer culture) ruins, reflected on the waters of the great lake Tonle Sap. Researchers believe that Angkor was the largest pre-industrial city ever built by man.


This lovely card shows a nature reserve (most likely Pendjari National Park) in northern Benin, and two native mammal species. The waterfall shown varies in size with seasonal rains, typical of the savannah region.

YUCATAN (Mexico)

This lovely card came to me from a friend who was visiting the natural sights of the Yucatan Peninsula. The card shows flocks of Greater (Caribbean) Flamingoes, and was franked with a stunningly colorful stamp. Simply wonderful!