This amazing card shows some of the troglodyte homes of Matmata, Tunisia. Some accounts date these homes to ancient times, when the Roman empire sent Egyptian tribes to settle the region. Many myths have attempted to explain the origins of these cavelike dwellings, and some maintain that they allowed residents to hide from invaders, or to desert the shelters at night to attack invaders.


This amazing card shows an early scene of tribal riders in one of Afghanistan's 33 provinces, showing traditional dress and gear

Afghan stamp

This stamp franked the card above, and shows a military vehicle on parade in Kabul


This spectacular sight is one that I have actually visited some years ago, and shows the breathtaking Iguazu falls, set amidst lush forest on the Argentine-Brazil border

Argentina: stamp

75c: this cultural stamp came affixed to the card above and show traditional costumes of two tango dancers