Now this card shows a true image of my recollections of Western Uganda: green, often terraced hills, planted with a variety of crops and tended by prosperous villagers, the landscape is multi-hued, fertile and often shrouded in clouds

Uganda: bird stamps

These stamps arrived on the card above and show the Didric Cuckoo, a brightly colored green-and-yellow species with a widespread range in the African Savannah


This card shows some of the fantastic modern architecture that this emirate is known for. The city's skyline has rapidly expanded and changed in recent years, with new marvels appearing by daring and innovative architects.

UAE: stamps

These stamps franked the card above, and celebrate falconry, a traditional activity in the UAE


This spectacular scene shows a view from Pokhara of jagged Mt. Macchapucchare 6993 meters in height, with its abrupt rise from the surrounding landscape

Nepal: stamp

This lovely stamp shows the snow peaks of Mt. Annapurna in the Himalayas, and was issued in 2000 to celebrate the ascent of this high peak


This gorgeous card shows canoes and villagers on the bank of a wide stretch of the Upper Surinam River, with the area's famed lowland rain forest visible on the opposite bank


This dreamscape shows early clouds over the central mountains of Taiwan creating a poetic and beautiful scene

Taiwan: bird

This lovely bird stamp came affixed to the card above, and shows a native rail or White-breasted Waterhen, a widespread species in S. and SE Asia


This delightful card shows young horse riders speeding across the treeless and slightly forbidding plains of Mongolia

Mongolia: stamps

these colorful Mongol Post stamps came affixed to the card above, and show modern car designs


The far peak of the famed dormant volcano Kilimanjaro is visible from the Kenyan side of the border, though it lies across the border in Tanzania. At 5,895 meters / 19,300 feet, it is the highest peak on the African continent.

Kenya: butterflies

These stamps were affixed to the card above, and show several species of indigenous butterflies of Kenya


A small sea turtle hatchling is pictured on this lovely postcard from the Cayman Islands, reknowned for its marine life and reefs

Cayman Is.

10c A mangrove crab is pictured on this stamp from the Cayman Islands, which arrived on the card above.


The national symbols of Costa Rica are shown here: the national flag, bird, tree and coat of arms in the center


This lovely card shows a wide range of landscapes from Colombia, a nation with many micro-climates, from lowland forest and coastal beaches to high Andean peaks