The islands of Palau are renowned for their rich reefs and are a diver's haven. But the lush vegetation covering the islands are themselves home to several unique species of landbirds and flora.

Palau: stamp

This stamp came affixed to the card above, and shows an island lagoon scene with flying fish in the foreground


This lovely multiview card comes from Dakar, Senegal in West Africa. The lower image shows a pirogue making its way across evening-tinged waters. My favorite image is the inset of baobabs in the twilight (center top).


This card shows a twilight scene of darkening purple skies coloring a lagoon and island profile in French Polynesia

Fr. Polynesia: landscape stamp

52fr: this magnificent stamp franked the card above, and depicts the work of an island landscape artist showing a vivid sky, towering hills, a far waterfall and local Polynesian culture

Senegal: Paris - Dakar Rally stamp

500fr: this stamp arrived on the card above, and shows one of the most famous of races through the Sahara


Epi Island, also known as Volcano Is. lies in central Vanuatu. This island has an area of 444 sq. km. and this card features several scenes, including a lizard and native flora

Vanuatu: stamp

This stamp came with the card above, and shows a pair of sandpipers on an island beach


This striking scene is one of the very few cards I have ever seen from Benin, West Africa. Much of the country's population lives along the coast, where houses are often built above waterways and pirogues are used for transport and fishing.

Benin: lion stamp

150fr: this stamp came with the card above, and shows a lion, resident of the northern savannah region of Benin


This striking card shows one of the native orchids of Belize, whose forest has a great diversity of flora and wildlife making it a prime destination for ecotourism

Belize: reef stamp

60c this stamp shows a Tube Sponge and other marine life of the long barrier reef just offshore of the country, which is second largest after Australia's